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  Hello, I'm Jonathan Izard with the BBC news.

  President Obama has called for a collective shift bythe American people in how they think about the gunviolence a day after nine African-Americans weregunned down inside a historic church. In a televisedaddress shortly after police arrested the young white male suspect, Mr Obama said masskillings did not happen with such frequency in other advanced countries.

  "Michelle and I know several members of Emanuel A. M. E. Church, we knew their pastor, who,along with others, gathered in prayer fellowship and was murdered last night. And to say ourthoughts and prayers with them and their families and their community, doesn't say enough toconvey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel."

  Police have described the attack as "a hate crime". From Washington, Babara Pilette reports.

  "State police have launched a massive hunt for the gunman backed up by federalreinforcements. The suspect is said to have joined a prayer meeting at a historic black churchin Charlestons last night. According to police, he sat there for an hour before standing up andopening fire on the congregation, killing nine people, including a state senator. The senator'scousin told local media that the gunman reloaded five times during the attack and made racistcomments about his victims."

  The head of the International Military Fund, Christine Lagard, says Greece will not be given extratime to pay its debts. Ms Lagard is meeting Europe Group finance ministers as pressure buildson Athens to accept reforms and avoid defaulting later this month. The Greek Finance MinisterYanis Varoufakis says if Greece is forced to leave the Euro Zone, it could spell the end for thecommon currency.

  "Some time ago, Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, said quiet directlythat for the euro to succeed anywhere, it must succeed everywhere. We think he's absolutelyspot on. And today we're going to be presenting the Greek government's ideas along thoselines, the purpose is to replace costly discord with effective consensus."

  Pope Francis has blamed selfishness for global warming in his long-awaited document onclimate change. The letter, or encyclical, calls on the rich to change their lifestyle, blaming humanfor the destruction of the earth.

  Police in Pakistan say they have arrested two men in connection with the murder of the Pakistanipolitician Imran Farooq in London in 2010. They were detained as they entered Pakistan fromAfghanistan. Mr Farooq was a founding member of the powerful MQM Party. More from JoannaJolie.

  "Pakistan's Frontier Corps named the men arrested as K S and M Ali. Mr Farooq had been livingin self-imposed exile in London when he was stabbed and beaten to death five years ago. Lastyear, the British police named one of the men arrested M Ali as wanted in connection with themurder. The suspects have now been handed over to Pakistan's federal investigation agency.

  World news from the BBC.

  The largest-ever international operation against illegal trade endangered species has recovereda huge haul of wildlife contraband. Operation Cobra III involved law enforcement agencies fromacross Europe, Africa, Asia and America. A spokesman in Thailand said 12 tons of elephantivory and about 120 rhino horns were seized, more than 300 people were arrested.

  Scottish scientists say they've developed a new drug to treat malaria. A team from Dundeeuniversity says the chemical compound will protect people from disease and prevent itsspreading all in a single dose. Details of the discovery have been published in the journalNature. The researchers say the new drug could work well against parasites resistance tocurrent treatments. In its latest statistics, the World Health Organization reported 200 millionclinical cases of malaria, and more than half a million deaths from the disease.

  A rare Egyptian burial cloth more than 3,000 years old has been sold in auction in Paris. Andnear about 20 such cloths have believed to exist, mostly in museum collections. Lucy Williamsonis in Paris.

  "The rare square of vignette shows its original owner Ta-Nedjem in a loincloth and a curledwig, seated before a table laid with food. The shroud is said to be 3,500 years old and sold formore than 400,000 dollars. The Paris auction house confirmed it was an international sale to amale buyer but hasn't released his name. The ancient Egyptian cloth once belonged to ArthurSachs of the Banking Dynasty Goldman Sachs before passing to his lover."

  And Gambia's long-serving president Yahya Jammeh has added a new title to his name. Astatement form the presidency said he should be referred to now among other things as "ChiefBridge-builder". His full titles is "His Excellency, Sheikh, Professor, Pilgrim, Doctor, Chief Bridge-builder Yahya Jammeh". President Jammeh seized power in 1994 and has survived several coupattempts.

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