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  1.abide by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠於;遵照.

  2. be absent from…. 缺席,不在

  3. absence or mind(=being absent-minded) 漫不經心

  4. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的留意力(被動語態)be absorbed i n 聚精會神於…近be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrated on ; be focused on ; be centered on

  5. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富於,富有6. access(to) (弗成數名詞) 能靠近,進入,懂得

  7. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)有時地,不測. Without accident(=safely) 平安地,

  8. of one’s own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)誌願地,自動地

  9. in accord with 與…同等. out of one’s accord with 同….不同等

  10. with one accord (=with everybody agreeing)同等地

  11. in accordance with (=in agreement with) 按照,依據

  12. on one’s own account 1) 為了或人的原因, 為了或人本身的好處2) (=at one’s own risk) 自行賣力3) (=by oneself)依附本身on account 賒賬; on account of 由於; on no account豈論甚麽緣故原由也不;of …account 有…..主要性.

  13. take…into account(=consider)把...斟酌進去

  14. give sb. an account of 解釋, 說明(來由)

  15. account for (=give an explanation or reason for) 說明, 解釋.

  16. on account of (=because of) 因為,由於.

  17. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)毫不要,不管若何不要(放句首時句子要倒裝)

  18. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 控告,控訴

  19. be accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be used to)習氣於.

  20. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 懂得; (=to have met socially ) 熟習

  21. act on 推行,依照…行為; act as 飾演; act for 署理

  22. adapt oneself to(=adjust oneself to) 使本身順應於

  23. adapt…(for) (=make sth. Suitable for a new need) 改編, 改寫(以順應新的須要)

  24. in addition (=besides) 別的, 又, 加上

  25. in addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)除…外

  26. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, pe rsist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 保持, 遵守

  27. adjacent(=next to, close to) 鄰接的, 鄰近的

  28. adjust..(to) (=change slightly)調理; 順應;

  29. admit of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的大概,留有…的余地.

  30. in advance (before in time) 預報, 事前.

  31. to advantage 有益的,使長處加倍凸起地.

  32. have an advantage over 賽過. have the advantage of 因為…位於有益前提have the advantage of sb.曉得或人所不曉得的事

  33. take advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from, harness)應用.

  34. agree with 贊成(或人看法) agree to 贊成

  35. in agreement (with) 贊成, 同等

  36. ahead of 在…以前, 跨越…;……………. ahead of time 提早.

  37. in the air 1)不確定, 不詳細. 2)在訛傳中.

  38. above all (=especially, most important of all) 特別是, 最主要的.

  39. in all (=counting everyone or everything, altogether) 統共, 共計

  40. after all 究竟,到底; (not) at all 一點也不; all at once(=suddenly)忽然; once and for all 只此一次; above all 最主要的; first of all 起首; all in all 大要上說; be all in 累極了; all but 險些.

  41. allow for (=take into consideration, take into account) 斟酌到, 估量到.

  42. amount to (=to be equal to) 共計, 即是.

  43. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 對…賣力.

  44. answer to (=conform to) 合適,相符.

  45. be anxious about 為…著急不安; 或anxious for

  46. apologize to sb. for sth. 為…向…報歉

  47. appeal to sb. for sth. 為某事向或人號令. appeal to sb. 對或人有吸引力

  48. apply to sb. for sth. 為…向…申請; apply for申請; apply to 實用.

  49. apply to 與…有關;實用

  50. approve of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 贊同, approve vt. 同意

  51. arise from(=be caused by) 由…引發.

  52. arrange for sb.sth. to do sth. 支配…做…

  53. arrive on 達到; arrive at 達到某地(小處所);得出,作出; arrive in 達到某地(大處所);

  54. be ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of sth. done) 以… 為羞辱

  55. assure sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…包管, 使…確信.

  56. attach(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 縛, 系,結

  57. make an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 試圖做…

  58. attend to (=give one’s attention, care and thought)留意,照料;attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 伺候,照顧

  59. attitude to toward …對…的立場.意見

  60. attribute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把..歸因於.., 以為..是..的成果

  61. on the average (=on average, on an average) 均勻

  62. (be) aware of (=be conscious of , having knowledge or consciousness)意想到,曉得.

  63. at the back of (=behind) 在…背面

  64. in the back of 在…後部(內裏); on the back of 在…後部(表面); be on one’s back(=be ill in bed) 臥病不起.

  65. at one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb.) 支撐,保護; have sb. at one ’s back 有…支撐, 有…作背景

  66. turn one’s back on sb. (=turn away from sb. in an impolite way) 不答理(或人),背棄,擯棄

  67. behind one’s back 背著或人(說浮名)

  68. be based on upon 基於

  69. on the basis of 依據…, 在…基本上

  70. beat…at 在…活動項目上打贏

  71. begin with 以…開端. to begin with (=first of all) 起首, 第一(常常用於開端語)

  72. on behalf of (=as the representative of) 以…名義

  73. believe in(=have faith or trust in; consider sth.sb. to be true) 信任,依附,崇奉.

  74. benefit (from) 受益,獲得利益.

  75. for the benefit of 為了…的好處(利益)

  76. for the better 好轉

  77. get the better of (=defeat sb.) 打敗, 賽過.

  78. by birth 在出身上,論出生,按血統at birth 在出身時; give birth to 出身

  79. blame sb. for sth. 因…責怪或人. blame sth. on sb. 把…推在或人身上

  80. in blossom著花(指樹木) be in blossom著花(誇大狀況) come into blossom著花(強變更作)

  81. on board 到船上, 在船上, 上火車或飛機

  82. boast of (or about) 吹捧

  83. out of breath 喘不外氣來

  84. in brief(=in as few words as possible)簡言之

  85. in bulk 成批地,不散裝的

  86. take the floor 起立談話

  87. on business 出差做事.

  88. be busy with sth.於某事. be busy doing sth. 忙於做某事

  89. last but one 倒數第二.

  90. but for (=without) 要不是. 表現假如

  91. buy sth. for…money 用若幹錢買

  92. be capable of 可以或許, 有才能be capable of being +曩昔分詞是可以或許被…的

  93. in any case(=for love or money, at any rate, at any price, at any cost , whatever happens; anyhow)不管若何

  94. in case (=for fear that) 萬一;

  95. in case of (=in the event of)假如產生…萬一in the case of 至於…, 就…而言

  96. in no case在任何情形下都不(放句首倒裝句)

  97. be cautious of 嚴防

  98. center one’s attention on(=focus one’s attention on) 把或人的留意力會合在…上

  99. be certain of (=be sure of) 有掌控, 必定.

  100. for certain of (=for sure )確定地,有掌控地


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