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  1. 一樣平常不消被動語態的動詞或動詞短語

  lead, cause, enable,become, receive, visit, visit, lack, enter, cost, possess, resemble, last,like, enjoy, notice, watch, look at, listen to, pay attention to, suit, fit,contain, so as to do, be able to, be likely to do


  change, close,determine, end, finish, head, interest, issue, open, train

  sth. be aimed atdoing; sb aim to do sth

  sth be intended to dosth; sb intend to do sth

  sth be targeted atsth; sb target sth

  3. 直接加-ing分詞作賓語的動詞或動詞短語的gmat語法情勢

  - acknowledge, avoid,admit, enjoy, escape, suggest, assure, advocate, forbid, permit, favor,recommend, resist, risk, involve, deny, include

  - give up, credit to(把...計入...), aim to (目標在於), contribute to (致使), in contrast to (和...相反), be suppose to (??? be supposed todo), object to (否決), be opposed to (否決), amount to (即是), be exposed / committed /limited / devoted to, lead to, be educated to, be / become accustomed / used to

  - aid sb in doing,prevent / keep / prohibit / save sb from doing, accuse sb. of doing

  - be expert at, begood at, criticize... for, praise...for, be capable of, be busy, havedifficulty (in), have trouble (in)

  - propose doing

  4. 接不定式作賓語的動詞,指不定式的行動每每與謂語動詞的行動同時產生

  afford, agree, appear/ seem, arrange, choose, claim, come (漸漸), elect,endeavor, expect, fail, promise, refuse, seek, select, threaten, venture,offer, prefer

  5. gmat攻略:不定式作賓語補余的應用辦法

  動詞 (advise, allow,cause, compel, enable, invite, inspire, convince, expect, lead, require, use,order) + 名詞短語 + 不定式

  6. 省略to的不定式

  - 動詞 (see, watch, notice, spot, hear, observe, perceive, overhead, feel,smell, let, make) + N. / Prep. + do

  - make do (with /without) 拼集著做... , make believe 偽裝 (pretend)

  - help (to) do...

  7. 平行構造標記詞

  - 連詞: and, or, but, yet

  - 短語: rather than..., not only...but also...,, either...or..., neither...nor..., between...and..., both...and..., not...but rather...,not...but..., well as...

  8. 比擬構造中的習氣搭配

  - as + adj. + a/an +n. + as... : 例句. Exercising is as good a way as any tolose unwanted weight

  - more because...than because 更可能是由於...而不是由於...

  - not... so much A asB 與其說A倒不如說B

  - the more... themore... 倒裝構造,be 動詞常可省略

  - no more... than; nomore than 與...一樣不..

  - no less... than. noless than 與...同樣

  - verb. + more of /less of than 這裏more和less做副詞潤飾 verb, 指水平更大大概更小

  - 其他可以引出比擬構造的詞語:compared with, below, above, superior to

  9. 其他gmat語法牢固搭配

  - range from... to...

  - forbid sth; forbidsb to do sth; forbit sb doing sth (forbid 和 prevent 的用法分歧 - prevent sb from doing sth...)

  - be in control;under control

  - contrast with / to,in contrast to

  - be regarded as, 名詞 / 形容詞 / -ing 分詞

  - rivalry between Aand B, A rival B for / in...

  - be in danger ofdoing... 位於...傷害中

  - need做名詞 the need to do sth, the need for sb to do, the need for sth

  - view... as...

  - the possibility ofdoing, the possibility that 從句 (用未來時)

  - have an impacton..., impact on...

  - pay money for sth /doing sth

  - require sb to dosth