2015/10/28 瀏覽次數:7 收藏


  mean to do 打舉動當作某事 ;有意做某事

  sth be meant to do 註定要…

  head/headed to/for/toward 朝著某個處所⾛

  attach to 系上,貼上

  out of place 分歧適的

  connect with 有接洽,有同感

  warn sb. of sth.; warn that 告誡

  happen upon 有時碰上

  claim to do ;claim + that 宣稱

  in exchange 作為交流

  in contrast 相⽐之下

  specialize in 專攻

  size up 評估,斷定

  insist + that ;insist on 保持

  be typical of sth. 顯⽰...的特征

  reward sb. for sth. 由於...嘉獎某⼈

  out of sight 看不⻅

  start to do start doing 開端做某事

  begin to do begin doing 開端做某事

  hear from 收到...的信或手機

  hear of 據說

  yet to 還沒做某事

  introduce sb. to sth. 使...懂得,使…打仗

  yield to 屈從,妥協

  from…forward ;from…onward 自從...以來

  be absorbed in ;be immersed in;be engrossed in;be engaged in ;埋頭於…

  slip into …不知不覺陷⼊…(狀況,習氣)

  cater to 逢迎

  add to 增加

  add up to 共計是

  come across 有時發明,有時遇⻅

  come upon 偶遇

  catch a glimpse of 瞥⻅

  keep watch 守夜,執勤

  once and for all 一勞永逸

  take turns doing …輪番做…

  watch for 防備

  stem from 來源於

  assign to 委派 付與

  retreat to 退卻到

  in the final analysis 歸根到底,說到底

  range from …to 從…到…而變更

  use up 用完,耗光

  at the outset 一開端

  blow up 爆炸;發怒

  owing to 因為

  wander around/ about 隨處閑逛

  qualify for 有…資歷

  be poised to do 做好預備的

  show up 變的能幹/清楚

  talk sb. into doing 說服某⼈做某事

  appeal to 愛好;上訴

  be capable of doing 有才能做某事

  take root 建立,被接收

  make/earn one’s living from/by 謀⽣

  follow one’s lead 聽某⼈的話

  stick around 呆在鄰近

  hoist up 升起

  that is 那便是說

  be overwhelmed with 陷⼊(情感) ;被禮服

  argue for 支撐

  at down 傍晚時刻

  offer insight into 有深入看法

  keep track of 記載

  model on 仿制...

  put …at risk 使陷⼊傷害

  at intervals 時⽽

  in addition 別的

  in addition to doing sth, 除...以外

  make a case for 為…提出來由

  set about 著⼿做某事

  set out 動身,出發