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  by no means

  【釋義】by no means常常出如今GRE填空中,即是not at all,一點也不。

  【例句】The Internet by no means augurs the end of face-to-face interactions but simply provides another medium for communication.

  at once A and B

  【釋義】 at once A and B表現一件事物或一小我同時具有A和B這兩個完整相反的特質

  【例句】His life story was at once sad and inspiring—he had come from the most impoverished background, yet he found away to become wealthy.

  in that

  【釋義】由於,in that = because,表現緣故原由

  【例句】Inuit print making is less traditional than carving in that it does not have substantial historical precedents. (GRE填空真題)

  for all



  For all the ______ the new CEO has received from the press recently, her staff have a decidedly less rosy view of her.

  A. encomiums

  B. tributes

  C. evaluations

  D. critiques

  E. attention

  F. publicity


  【剖析】這道題解題的癥結就在於懂得for all = however:只管CEO的媒體形是第一個空,但她的員工可沒說她甚麽好話,是以選出AB,與less rosy view取反,表現贊揚。

  all but

  【釋義】險些、差一點,all but = nearly, almost

  【例句】The castaway had all but given up on escaping the desert island, when he looked up and saw a helicopter.

  all the more

  【釋義】加倍、更加 = more


  Scholars have marveled over the (i)________ that Shakespeare displays in his works, noting that such broad learning is all the more remarkable given that books were relatively (ii)_______ in Shakespeare’s time.

  Blank (i) Blank (ii)

  A. meticulousness D. edifying

  B. humor E. scarce

  C erudition F. inexpensive


  【剖析】第一空須要填一個莎士比亞著作的特征,這個特征讓學者們覺得驚異,經由過程第一個逗號後的 such broad learning對應C選項:博學。all the more表現加倍,即莎士比亞的這類博學變得加倍分歧平常,由於當時的書本具備第二個空的屬性,是以選E:稀疏的,書本稀疏,莎士比亞的博學就加倍不凡。